I am a part of the “lazy” generation; the generation that either cares too much, or not enough.

  I am a part of the “technologically obsessed” generation; the generation that complains alongside our elders about how sad it is that our phones stay glued to our hands, and yet, make fun of those who are not up-to-date with their devices.

  I am a part of the generation that demands the truth and refuses to take “because I said so,” as a legitimate answer; the generation that is stubborn and persistent and fights for what we believe in.

  I am a part of a generation that longs to be a part of the nostalgic past as we continue to use filters on photographs we claim to ‘live in the moment” in.

  I am a part of a generation that’s ‘sex-craved’ and more often than not, temporarily settles for lust in hopes of passing the time to eventually find true love.

  A generation that loves updating the world of his/her current status on all social networks, while simultaneously claiming to want privacy.

  We are the generation that craves simplicity and yet tends to analyze and strategize everything to the best of our abilities.

  I am a part of the creative generation—the innovators.

  My generation is made up of leaders who strive to make a difference in this world because we ooze passion in everything we set our minds to.

  We refuse to ‘stick to the status quo’ and strive to make ‘YOLO’ a daily reminder to live our life as full and colorful as we can; to some, we are crazy in our own way.

  My generation inquires far too much; when our teachers/mentors demand for us to “think outside the box,” we ask: “What box?”

  I am a part of a generation that bends the rules; we choose to work & play hard.

  My generation is open-minded and understands that there can be a third or fourth side to a story—the limit does not exist! (And yes, we reference movies every chance we get, secretly hoping others catch on to them as well).

  We have a vision and we have the power to change the world for the better.

  Millennials are revolutionary and for that, I am proud to be a part of this generation.


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