Guys & Girls-messaging

The other day I came across an interesting  video that a friend of mine posted on Facebook.

It was a silent video actually, about a girl and a guy exchanging messages online. The entire video lasted a good three minutes or so, but it showed the dynamic of a simple situation that occurs more often than people think.

At least before, when letters were common, individuals were able to sit down, think, and express their feelings on paper. You had time to dwell and ponder.

Now, we have instant messaging.

Even though you still think about what you write and reply, it’s different. In a way, it’s  more spontaneous, and the presence of time is more of an issue. If you take too long to respond, the other person might think or sense that you’re either bored out of your mind, or you simply don’t want to talk anymore. On the other hand, if you respond too quickly, it might sound like a cry for help, in desperation for a need to talk to someone, as if you really have nothing else to do with your life.

I see it all the time with friends and family. We overthink too much, sometimes to the point of confusing  what we might suspect to be reality, with actuality. It’s not just women who read into messages, this video clearly points out the male gender does the same as well.

This video demonstrates the essence of miscommunication. Both, the male and the female are hiding their true feelings behind a keyboard. They keep typing what they want to say, but they end up deleting it and rewriting something completely different.

Whether it’s fear of expressing one’s feelings, wanting to sound cool, or trying to keep it concise, I think we should all change this habit of not truly saying what we want to say.

I think it’s time we deviate from society’s norms and expectations and just express ourselves.

If you don’t say what you feel, then how is the other person supposed to know?  Think about it.



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