Looks & Lies

What is it with this constant need to impress everyone around us? When did that become a habit? When did we start doing things for others and forgetting about ourselves? What is it that WE truly want?

Everywhere you go there seems to be a constant reminder of society’s standards.

You look at magazine covers and the models showcased within. You see teenagers in high school taking selfie’s and semi-nude photographs uploaded onto their social media in hopes of getting more ‘Likes.’

How society defines beauty and what’s worth being called beautiful, should be (and in some ways is) subjective. I say “should be” because it seems like now-a-days, nobody has a mind of  their own.

Everyone copies everyone to look a certain way, whether it be keeping up with the latest trend or feeling the need to meet societal standards and expectations. It’s as if a sense of originality amongst us has ceased to exist. It’s rather sad. More so, it’s unrealistic. I don’t understand why women strive to look like Barbie dolls.  A PLASTIC, SYNTHETIC, DOLL. Need I say more?


It’s no surprise that models are pressured to look, well, unnatural. That’s why they turn to diseases like Bulimia and Anorexia. Why would teenagers and even those in their 20s want to look like that? Why would you go through all that unhealthy trouble? Am I the only one who loves the taste and satisfaction that comes with food and finishing a good meal?

Media portrays women in such a way where it makes the majority of the female species second-guess themselves. Basically if you’re not sexy all the time, something could possibly be wrong with you. I understand that “sex sells” and while it may be true, I find it extremely annoying that we can’t get past it as a generation. Why must women look sexy all the time? You can definitely be beautiful and sophisticated without being “sexy.”

I hear young adults around me constantly try to impress their friends, the guy/girl they’re talking to and dating etc. I hear girls continuously think about purposefully posting a “sexy picture,” or a picture where they look “extra good,” or “extra hot,” to make others notice them on another level.

Why do we need to be extra? Are we not enough as is?

And the few times we do consciously just want to look good for ourselves, we get questioned by those close to us.

Why do you look so good? Who are you trying to impress tonight? … Can we not?

So why do women constantly strive to look sexy? It’s simple. Men.

Men expect females to act and look a certain way because of the magazines they read, or the movies they watch. Wanting to impress others has been a priority that’s been embedded into girl’s minds growing up.

It’s been like this for years.

I’m not saying women shouldn’t look good. I’m saying, our generation should be the one that cares a little less about society and media’s standards and portrayal of women for a change. We should embrace our individualism and uniqueness.

You should want to look and feel good for yourself.


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