Teens & Tech

They say our world moves in a fast pace. Everything we do, from waking up early in the morning and getting dressed quickly (for fear of being late), to driving in a furious manner because we can’t seem to get to our destination fast enough (even if there really is no rush to begin with), is fast pace. Our lives are fast pace.

We multitask so often, that we unconsciously neglect living in the now. Everything has to be done in a quick manner, otherwise you are a lost case in comparison to everyone surrounding you. Especially with so many technological devices roaming around. Altoosa Rubenstein, editor in chief of Seventeen magazine told abcnews.com, “what they (teens) don’t realize is that all the technology is actually creating work for them and making things that much harder to keep up.” Although Ms. Rubenstein has a point, this definitely consists of more than just teens; it’s our society as a whole. The fact of the matter, is that more and more teenagers are adapting to this fast pace lifestyle and it is mainly due to our technology.

According to a 2005 article on abcnews.com, said that “Seventeen (magazine) has dubbed today’s teens ‘Generation Speed’.”

Having a cellphone is a must, not just to get in touch with friends and family but to stay connected with the world. Although it is essential for citizens to get informed about breaking news stories, and be aware of their government and their society as a whole, I believe that people with portable devices (such as iPads/tablets, smartphones, laptops), are misusing the information that’s available to them.

Instead of keeping up with news, we see teenagers checking their Facebook account. We see them driving and texting a friend. We even see them tweeting as they ride a bicycle! As ridiculous as it sounds, it  happens. We no longer enjoy the simplicity of riding bikes, or eating a delicious meal with close friends at a restaurant because they are all too busy “connecting with the world,”  instead of connecting with the ones who are sitting across the table from them. We no longer connect with ourselves.


It’s the sad truth; this is what our society has come to.


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